Taking Care of Babies’ Hearing: An elaborated guide!

The human ear is a very fragile organ, and it’s more fragile in babies than in adults. Taking care of a baby’s hearing is as important as taking care of the baby’s diet. 

The reason behind this is that your baby most likely might not have a normal life if he or she has a hearing abnormality. Hearing is necessary for communication and has a huge impact on a child’s psychological health.

Some babies are born with hearing problems. That’s why neonatal hearing screening in infancy is highly crucial. It is a part of the care that a baby needs. 

Following are some of the ways in which you can improve your baby’s hearing, whether the baby has a hearing disability or not. 

  • Keep volume low at home

Babies’ ears are very weak and highly sensitive to louder sounds. You can tolerate loud music, but your baby cannot. You may have seen babies getting startled and scared by loud voices and music. 

Loud sounds do not only affect their hearing but can also affect them psychologically. You should keep the volume low on your TV, radio, or iPad regardless of whether the baby is sleeping or awake. 

  • Be Careful About Toys

The maximum recommended volume to which a baby can be exposed is around 85 decibels. However, there are many toys that are louder than 85 decibels. So, be careful when you are choosing a toy for your baby. Toys stay almost all the time with the babies, which is why they can have severely damaging effects on the hearing ability of the kids. 

  • Keep Your Baby’s Ears Clean

Wax accumulates pretty fast in babies’ ears. Excessive wax can lead to hearing difficulties and infections. It is recommended that you take your baby to an audiologist because the ears are too delicate for you to clean. Do not use cotton swabs when and if you are cleaning your baby’s ears. 

  • Consult an Audiologist 

The most important thing that you should try to avoid is to pretend that you understand hearing. Don’t pretend to be a doctor when you are not. Do not just google tips and apply them to your baby. 


What you need to really do is to consult a professional audiologist. You need to consult an audiologist whether or not your baby seems normal to you. 

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