Is Peanut Butter Good For Your Dog?

Most people prefer feeding their dogs the regular kitchen items they eat. Dogs are much more attracted towards sweets. Everyone has peanut butter and jam in their house. It is one of the most common essential food items used during breakfast. Now the question comes can dog eat peanut butter? Well, most parents prefer giving peanut butter to their pet dog. Dogs like eating peanut butter as it is obtained from nuts. From the point of health perspective, there are a few things to keep in mind, which we will discuss in this article. 

Can the dogs eat peanut butter? 

Can dog eat peanut butter? Yes, Peanut butter can be used to feed dogs. It is a safer option and is enriched with multiple healthy fats, protein, niacin and vitamin B. The best peanut butter is the less salted one. These are meant specially meant for dogs. Home-made butter should not be given to dogs as it contains high levels of sodium, which can create problems. Instead of this issue, one can find an online source of peanut butter specially meant for dogs.

The dog-specific supplements are enriched with nutrients that are perfect for dogs’ health. However, the supplement is not suitable for every dog such as: 

Overweight dogs: Peanut butter consists of fatty acids, which can make them overweight, leading to obesity. Instead of this, they should consume chicken, tuna and ham. 

Kidney Problems: Dogs with kidney problems should not be fed peanut butter. This is because it contains high salt levels, which can make kidney issues more problematic. 

Dogs with special diets: If the dog is allergic to certain food items, it should be best if you pick the supplement based on the ingredients. 

So these are some important tips to remember while finding your dog.

Is there any side effect of peanut butter? 

Some peanut butter specific for dogs contains Xylitol. It works as a substitute for sugar; however, it is not good for the health of pet dogs. If the dog consumes the xylitol, it will lower its blood sugar level, which can cause seizure, diarrhoea, liver failure and severe health issues. So before you feed your dog with peanut butter, check for the presence of xylitol. 

Summing Up

So with the question, can dog eat peanut butter? It is very clear how important peanut butter is for dogs’ health. However, there is only one thing to look for before purchasing any dog-specific supplement such as peanut butter: the presence of Xylitol in the peanut butter.