How to Take Care of Porcelain Veneers? 

Your smile can tell a lot about you, which is why it is very important to care for your smile. Porcelain veneers provide long-lasting treatment for chipped, stained, or missing teeth by attaching custom-made shells to the teeth. To improve your smile, it is important to look after your porcelain veneers. Schedule a consultation with a dental office in Drexel Hill and learn more about veneers and other dental treatments. 

Tips for taking care of porcelain veneers 

Anyone who has ever had to wear dental instruments knows that it is not easy to care for them. Fortunately, it is extremely easy to care for veneers, and most of the time, no extra steps are required to keep your veneers looking amazing. Some tips for taking better care of your porcelain veneers are: 

  • Practice good oral hygiene daily 

You would probably not need to change your veneers or make an extra effort to care for them if you already have good oral hygiene. You should brush, floss, and rinse your mouth whenever required and care for your oral health to prevent any problems. 

  • Avoid grinding your teeth. 

Some people tend to clench or grind their teeth when sleeping, which is called bruxism. This can be harmful to your veneers. In fact, not only is it harmful to veneers, but it can also negatively impact your teeth and jaw joints. If you think you grind your teeth while sleeping, you can ask your dentist to provide a nighttime bite guard. A nighttime bite guard, also known as an occlusal guard, can help protect your veneers and natural teeth while sleeping. 

  • Chew mindfully 

Even though veneers are durable, they can still break or get chipped. Normal foods would probably not pose a problem, but you should be mindful about chewing on hard substances. 

  • Protect your mouth 

If you play sports, you should probably invest in a mouth guard to protect your smile. 

  • Beware of stains 

Veneers can also get stained, just like your natural teeth. This is why it is important to limit foods such as red wine, coffee, berries, etc., which cause staining in teeth. Smoking is also a big cause of teeth staining, so if you have veneers, you may consider quitting smoking to keep your smile white and bright. 

See a dentist today. 

If you have questions related to oral health or suspect any oral problems, you should not waste time. Schedule a consultation with a skilled dentist today and ensure your oral health is in the best condition.