Why your urine is cloudy or has a foul smell?

Urinary tract infections are common, and they can sneak up on anybody. It is a challenging condition and not treated in time, it can directly lead to kidney failure. But before, let’s learn about the kidney and its function and causes of cloudy urine, and how you can treat it.


The kidney is an organ that is responsible for maintaining the water balance. For example, if you are dehydrated, it consumes water and reduces the level of urine, while the body triggers the thirst feeling.  


Why your urine smells bad?


Urine has a distinctly unpleasant smell, but it can tell a lot about your overall health. Sometimes the urine smells foul when you consume a lot of sulfur-rich foods like garlic, and asparagus, stay dehydrated for a while or suffer from diabetes. Liver diseases can also contribute to the foul smell of urine.


Let’s understand them in detail


  1.    Dehydration


Not drinking enough water is a primary cause of smelly urine; an urologist in Pune suggests you drink enough water to improve urine colour. 


  1.    Eating certain foods and drinks


Certain foods contribute to cloudy urine like salty food, chips, canned food and cured meat, high fructose syrup commonly present in icecreams and desserts that we consume, and sugary sodas; all these lead to increased production of uric acid and thus a foul smell. Meat and poultry products also add to the cloudiness of urine. Dairy products like milk increase the phosphorus content inside the body, and its excessive consumption is dangerous to the kidney.


  1.    Urine infection


 A urinary infection occurs when the bacteria enter your urinary system through the urethra and begin to multiply. The bacteria cause your pee to smell foul. The urologist in Pune will offer you medications for it.


  1.    Eating excessive seafood


Eating seafood like sardines and shellfish is good for your overall health, but its excessive consumption can trigger uric acid, thus leading to urine discolouration.


  1.    Excessive drinking of alcohol

Alcohol consumption can dehydrate our body and changes the colour of the urine.

  1.     High intake of coffee

Again excessive intake of coffee and tea, including black and green, cause water loss from the body and cause dehydration.


  1. Prostate cancer

Another cause of cloudy urine could be undetected prostate cancer. The urologist in

Pune can pave the way for treatments.


  1.     Kidney stones

Kidney stones are formed when salt and minerals in urine stick together like a stone.

It can be small or as large as chunks of gravel. It is a painful condition and demands the help of an expert urologist. 



Urine is an indicator of the diet that you consume. Increased salts and minerals can change the colour of the urine and cause abnormal cloudy urine. The best alternative is to  stay hydrated and visit an expert urologist; they will help you identify the cause of the disease and suggest prevention tips.