Why You Should Consider a Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program

Hopefully, you haven’t had to go to the hospital or seek help from your health care provider too many times in the past few years. But if you have, you may have noticed some issues regarding supplies of personal protective equipment. 

The problem has gotten better, certainly, but some hospitals are still struggling to overcome supply issues that have greatly diminished the amount of personal protective equipment available to health care staff.

Thankfully, when health care systems work with groups such as Vizient, they can access perks such as the Novaplus enhanced supply program.

The State of Supply Chains

Again, the supply chain issues have certainly improved since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many governments around the world have implemented plans to ease the strain on ports and transportation hubs. Furthermore, some age restrictions and other limiting factors for delivery drivers have been removed to enable more workers to enter the field immediately. However, there are still major problems affecting businesses in nearly every industry.

Port logjams, supplier issues, and government restrictions have all made it hard for many companies to conduct “business as usual.” In fact, a multitude of businesses have had to close their doors forever as a result of supply chain issues. 

Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program

Companies like Vizient believe that no health care providers should ever have to scrounge for PPE or be concerned that they may contract a deadly infection from a patient. For this reason, Vizient has access to the Novaplus enhanced supply program. This program enables Vizient, and the health care companies they work with, to tap into a vast reserve of PPE and other medical equipment. 

Supply chain issues may continue for the foreseeable future. However, this is no excuse for not having the necessary equipment to keep hospital workers safe. By working with diverse suppliers and manufacturers, Vizient isn’t completely dependent on a single partner. Instead, they can pivot when needed, keeping their clients’ shelves fully stocked all year long.

Ready to Implement a Novaplus Enhanced Supply Program for Your Healthcare System?

If you’re like many people, you were probably amazed to find how fragile our supply chains truly were during the pandemic.

One of the major reasons for this lack of resilience within our supply chains is the simple fact that our supply chains are spread out across the entire globe. The interdependency of our supply chains makes it extremely difficult to overcome any issues with major suppliers or manufacturers.

We can’t control what happens in the future. We may have to deal with COVID-19  for many more years, or we may eliminate it from our lives completely. Alternatively, we could have to deal with another virus in the years to come or a natural disaster that disrupts our normal processes. 

Whatever happens in the future, you can be prepared with Vizient and the Novaplus enhanced supply program which they can provide for your facility. Contact Vizient today to discuss your needs and to see if the Novaplus enhanced supply program is a good fit for your health care system.