Regenerate Tissues to Support Faster Healing Through PRT Therapy Injections

Have you ever wondered how many sports personalities after severe sports injuries are back in the game after a few weeks or months? How did their injuries heal so fast? The answer to this to some extent might be PRP therapy. So, what is this PRP therapy craze and how can it help you in healing injuries?

Overview of the PRP Process

The PRP process mainly focuses on platelets and how they can be used to their maximum capacity to heal injuries. These are found in your blood which can help in clotting blood and promote healing. Under the PRP process, the platelets are separated from your blood and diluted with help of other compounds. These are then injected into the targeted area to heal the tissues. Now for the PRP serum to be prepared, the doctors need PRP tubes that can be used to spin your blood.

If you work in the PRP lab, then you can need to purchase equipment to carry out the treatment which you can purchase PRP tubes from Italy companies such as Plasmolifting World, headquartered in Berlin, Deutschland. All the PRP tubes sold by them are compliant with European standards. In addition to this, they even have training programs for healthcare professionals on how to derive the most from PRP technology.

In simple words, the procedure is:

  • The doctor takes your blood sample
  • The sample is placed in a centrifuge and spun to separate your blood into 3 different layers
  • These layers are transferred to another test tube and again placed in a centrifuge
  • These tubes are then spun to separate the PRP
  • This PRP serum is then extracted into injections ready for the procedure

Once the serum is ready, the doctor will give you a local anaesthetic in the target area. An ultrasound will be used to see the nerves and tissues in the targeted area. They will then inject the PRP serum into the site. The entire process takes approximately 2 hours to complete.

If you are on medications or allergic to anaesthetics, then you need to discuss these issues with your doctor before the therapy. Secondly, you need to be well-hydrated before the procedure.

Hype for PRP Therapy

Regenerative medicine: Do PRP and stem cell therapies help sports injuries heal  faster? | Discovery | UT Southwestern Medical Center

When it comes to any part of your body, you will be extra careful. If you are still sceptical over the entire you would want to know about its benefits, before giving the nod to your doctor:

  • It simulates collagen and improves signs of aging
  • There are fewer chances of rejections or infections as the blood is collected from your body
  • It is also effective in treating hair loss, osteoarthritis, and tendon injuries

After undergoing the therapy there are certain precautions that you keep in mind for the procedure to take effect. Like in case of any therapy, you might experience pain in the target area for a few days. You can consult your doctor and take anti-inflammatory medicines for the same.


It is always better to consult with your doctor on the pros and cons of this therapy. You need to be patient as the results can be seen weeks after the treatment.