Dental Implants Vs. Veneers- Which is Better?

There are several options available to improve the appearance of your teeth to make your smile more appealing. However, so many options can be confusing and overwhelming if you plan to upgrade your teeth. 

Dental and veneers are two popular options in today’s time for people who want to achieve the perfect smile and also to ensure you chew your food correctly. Although dental and veneers are viable choices because of their multiple advantages, knowing what fits your needs is necessary.

To know which is best for you, you must contact Fairfield, ME family dentistry and book an appointment with a dentist. A dentist will consult you about your issues elaborately and display all the possible options to fix your dental problems. 

Nevertheless, you must know the essentials of dental implants vs. veneers and which delta issues they solve the best. 

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a combination of an implant inserted in your jaw bone to anchor the crown that displays as a tooth in your mouth. A height is nothing but the tooth that fills the empty area of your original missing tooth. Moreover, it can be customized according to the patient’s needs, for example, the tooth’s shape and the crown’s color comparing the rest of the teeth to match them. 

Coming onto the surgical part of it. Installing dental implants is a surgical process and is safe in most cases. Provided, you must get it done from a well-experienced dentist only. 

Never compromise on your dental health; ensure that you do your research before hiring a dentist for dental implant surgery. 

Benefits of dental implants

  • Implants act as natural teeth because of the rooted fitting
  • They are comfortable and do not cause irritation
  • You do not need time to adjust to them
  • Implants have a lower chance of getting cavities than natural teeth.


On the other hand, veneers act as a shell covering for your existing natural teeth. Veneers can fix the overall look of your damaged or discolored natural teeth by adding an appealing external layer. 

The processing of installing veneers is less complicated and tedious than implants. They are made of porcelain and add a front layer to your teeth. The main reason why people install veneers is to cover a cracked or damaged tooth. 

The installation of veneers is done by sticking an adhesive to your damaged or discolored tooth. They stuck to the front part of your teeth with the help of this adhesive. 

Advantages of veneers 

  • Helpful in covering of teeth flaws
  • Can add up to the extra spaces between teeth