What to do in a dental emergency? Check this guide

You should see your dentist regularly at recommended intervals to keep common dental concerns at bay. However, in an emergency, you shouldn’t wait to book an appointment. The first step is to find an emergency dentist in Scottsdale, AZ. Not all dental clinics provide urgent care, and it is best to always keep the contact info handy on your phone. If you are in a dental emergency, below are a few things worth knowing.

Common dental emergencies

How do you know whether you should see a dentist right away or wait for the next day? Common dental emergencies include –

  1. A cracked or broken tooth
  2. An avulsed tooth
  3. Injury to the jawbone
  4. Severe toothache
  5. Pain in existing restorations
  6. A dental crown/bridge has fallen out or is loose

If you have a dental injury or have suffered severe consequences of a freak accident, don’t wait to call the clinic.

What to do during urgent times?

  1. First and foremost, when you have an avulsed tooth, check if you can put the tooth in the socket and bite down to keep it in place.
  2. If there is severe dental pain, consider taking a painkiller. You may get immediate relief from the symptoms.
  3. Apply a cold compress if you have a toothache, regardless of the reason.
  4. When there is visible bleeding, place clean gauze and press the area to stop further blood loss.
  5. Do not try to fix your crown or dental appliance like bridges with glue or by using DIY hacks.

When you call a dental clinic, the staff will usually ask questions. If they believe that it is okay to see the dentist the next day, you may receive instructions for the current situation. Do not self-medicate, and if you are unsure of which OTC painkiller you should take, ask your dentist.

At the clinic

Dental emergencies need urgent care, and when you visit the clinic, ask them if your condition can be covered by insurance. While the cost of dental treatments has increased over the years, emergency procedures can cost a lot more, especially if there is an injury that requires surgery.

Final word

A few things compare to the trauma of an injury to teeth, gums, and jawbone. Emergencies require the expertise of an experienced dentist who specializes in urgent care. If you have questions about the procedure or need help minimizing the consequences, always ask for details.