Should You Get Dental Implants to Replace Your Missing Teeth in Fort Myers, FL

Losing a tooth can make you feel upset about your new smile. But you will learn to survive without the tooth. You probably think that losing one tooth is not a problem. Unfortunately, missing teeth can affect you in a lot of ways. Apart from causing you embarrassment with how you look, a missing tooth can lower your confidence. And beyond aesthetics, it can have negative effects on your dental health. If you skip going to a dentist in Fort Myers, FL, for a tooth replacement, your missing tooth can cause bite misalignment and other issues. 

What to Expect When You Don’t Replace a Missing Tooth?

Although teeth gaps can impact your confidence and smile, they can create different oral health problems, including the following:

  • Difficulty eating. Your teeth play an important role in your mouth, from chewing to biting down food. Food needs to be chewed properly to avoid indigestion. Meanwhile, chewing and biting on the other side of your mouth can cause your teeth to quickly wear down. 
  • Jawbone loss. Your teeth support your jawbone density. If you have a missing tooth, there will not be stimulation. This weakens the bone over time, minimizing bone density and teeth stability.
  • Speech issues. If you have a missing tooth, you may not be able to speak clearly. It can make it hard for you to produce some words. 

How Dental Implants Can Help

Although you can find a lot of teeth replacement options out there, dental implants are proven to be the most effective. The price for these implants is higher than bridges and dentures; however, they can last a lifetime with proper care. Unlike bridges and dentures, implants feel, look, and function like your natural teeth. 

After you get an implant, you can eat your favorite food again. Dental implants feature impressive stability, letting you eat some foods that are not hard to chew. They can help you gain back your mouth’s full function. With implants, you will have a more secure bite. Having a full set of natural-looking teeth will let you overcome a lot of challenges you face due to missing teeth. 

A dental implant offers a strong base to support a new artificial tooth. It can replace a group of teeth or a missing tooth. Caring for your dental implants isn’t too demanding. You only need to stick to a good oral hygiene routine and visit your dentist twice every year for checkups and cleanings.