How a Palm Harbor Root Canal Specialist Can Save Your Teeth

When possible, keep your original teeth. Tooth extractions can cause difficulties and have an impact on your oral health and look. Endodontists, or root canal experts, specialize in conserving teeth using modern therapies. Consult a Palm Harbor, FL cosmetic dentist for personalized care and to keep your natural teeth.

What are root canals necessary?

When the tooth pulp becomes infected or injured, root canal therapy, also known as endodontic care, is required. A root canal expert will clean the contaminated region, treat it, and use a crown or filling to restore the tooth’s functioning. This therapy retains your natural smile, allowing you to resume regular activities, and has the potential to deliver long-term results.

Root canals are diagnosed by general dentists using X-rays or symptoms. If problems continue despite non-invasive therapies, a root canal is advised to relieve discomfort and eradicate infection.

The patient’s mouth is numbed during a root canal operation, and dental instruments are used to remove the damaged sections of the diseased tooth and extract the roots. The empty cavity is then cleaned, filled with a synthetic substance, and a temporary dental crown is placed. The temporary crown is replaced with a permanent crown after two weeks.

What are the benefits?

Tooth extraction may have a lower initial cost but can lead to higher costs over time due to potential complications and the need for additional treatments like dental implants or bridges. It is more convenient but can result in future bone loss and changes in facial shape. On the other hand, root canal therapy saves the natural tooth, maintains jaw integrity, and has a faster healing process. It is a painless procedure with a high success rate and fewer complications or hidden fees compared to extraction.

What to do meanwhile?

To minimize accidental bites after a root canal, exercise caution until the anesthesia wears off. To avoid damage, avoid eating on the treated side until you obtain a permanent crown. Consider acquiring a crown to increase your strength. For post-procedure discomfort, use over-the-counter pain relievers such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. Expect some relief from discomfort after a few days, although sensitivity in the treated tooth may continue longer.

Final thoughts:

Endodontic treatment by a root canal expert is a less painful alternative to tooth extraction. The treatment is painless thanks to contemporary methods and local anesthesia. If you get a toothache or see indications of infection, see a root canal expert to preserve your tooth.