Four Reasons Root Canal Therapy is Not Necessary in North Ogden, UT

As a lot of people sustain toothache-inducing dental conditions, dentists carry out root canal procedures more frequently than ever. If you suffer from tooth pain, tooth decay, and infections, you may turn to root canal therapy right away, thinking you have no other options. But a root canal isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. You must go to a Dental clinic North Ogden, UT and discuss your condition with a dentist so they can recommend treatment options for you. Also, they can explain to you why a root canal therapy may not be ideal for you. This is possible if:

You Have Gum Swelling Due to an Abscess

If you have mouth swelling and pain, you may want to see your dentist as soon as possible. But it is important to identify the cause of the swelling to determine the kind of treatment you need. A root canal treatment can treat swelling caused by a nerve abscess. But if the swelling resulted from a gum abscess, you don’t have to get a root canal treatment. Gum infections can be treated by taking antibiotics, using warm salt water rinses, and flushing out your gums. 

You Do Not Have Enough Symptoms

Your dentist performs a root canal treatment to preserve a tooth. This procedure is not meant to restore your tooth to ideal conditions. Thus, a root canal is done when your tooth dies due to an infection or when you have a seriously deep cavity. You may need root canal therapy if you experience symptoms, such as extreme pain, discolored teeth, tooth sensitivity, and swollen, tender gums. 

These symptoms should all be present; otherwise, you may need another treatment option instead of a root canal treatment. For example, you can have tender gums because of gum disease instead of an infected tooth.

You have a Fractured Tooth

During a root canal procedure, your tooth’s nerve and pulp are removed before sealing the tooth. This process preserves your tooth and alleviates your pain; however, it renders the affected tooth more fragile. A fractured tooth may not be strong enough to endure the preparation process before a root canal treatment. 

You Have a Calcified Canal

As your body continues to heal itself, you may not need a root canal treatment since your body has tried its treatment. If nerve damage happens, the root and pulp become hardened as a way for your body to preserve the tooth. Because of this process, your dentist cannot thoroughly get rid of the affected matter.