Can You Vape Blue Lotus?

The blue lotus flower has come a long way down as a psychoactive plant, originating in ancient Egypt. Over the years, it has earned popular names like a ‘feel-good drug’ and an agent to relieve insomnia and anxiety. Currently, people across the world enjoy blue lotus vape juice for its calming or soothing impact. Thanks to the euphoric effects of the flower, it is highly sought after.

Blue lotus flowers can be consumed in several forms, including vapes. Let’s understand why blue lotus vape is so popular before moving on to the other forms in which you can consume the flower.

How to vape blue lotus?

The ideal vaping temperature is between 100 to 125 degrees Celsius for blue lotus. Simply get a commercial vaporizer, where you can fit around 0.3 grams of this product.

Smoking or vaping blue lotus gives a comfortable, relaxed, and dreamy feeling. The effect is slower and more gradual compared to brewing tea or smoking. It’s safe to vape blue lotus since it doesn’t generate smoke and is safer on your lungs.

Currently, reputed manufacturers sell blue lotus vape juice online through authentic stores. If you purchase blue lotus flowers, make sure to grind them well on a sizable surface area. To ensure a good flow of air, the vaporizer chamber should be packed loosely. The strength of blue lotus extract is potent enough. Compared to flowers, it requires less material. Take care to use a concentrate pad so that the powder doesn’t melt into the vaporizer.

In what other forms can you consume blue lotus?

Apart from vaping, one can consume blue lotus in several other forms. These include:

  1. Blue lotus tea

Blue lotus tea comes loaded with medical powers. People admire the fragrance of the tea, and many consume this herbal tea after purchasing it online. The beverage has mind-altering abilities, and you can also consume it for recreational purposes.

Among the medical benefits, blue lotus tea can cure issues like anxiety and restlessness in sleep. Besides, the aphrodisiac effect of this tea has made it popular across the world.

  1. Smoking blue lotus

People usually use rolling papers to roll dried blue lotus flowers. It’s recommended to be cautious as smoking blue lotus flowers can have some psychoactive effects. The soothing and relaxing properties of blue lotus have a calming effect on the mind. The ‘high’ condition lasts for around half an hour.

Many people use this as a supportive herb. You can either blend it with other herbs like raspberry leaves, mullein, or damiana, or smoke it on your own. When you add it to other herbal mixtures, the psychoactive effects would be powerful.

  1. Essential oil

As an essential oil, the blue lotus flower has gained significant popularity. You can take the oil through your nasal passage, or apply it directly to your skin. However, this form of using blue lotus is less potent than smoking, vaping, or consuming it as tea.


If you are interested in purchasing blue lotus vape juice, visit one of the authentic online stores for quality products. These stores sell genuine products that would help you achieve the desired psychoactive effects. Get genuine vape juice online to relax your mind and improve your sleep quality.